Ogun State Housing Corporation Warns Public Against Encroachment on Corporation Land

Ogun State Housing Corporation has warned members of the public to desist from buying Corporation land from unauthorized sources or putting up buildings on any of Corporation estate in the State without necessary approval from the agency to avoid loss of such property through demolition. This became necessary as the Corporation battles a lot of encroachment issues on her estates across the state.

The rate at which some unscrupulous individuals enter into government owned land and estate and sell the plots on such land to unsuspecting members of the public under the cover that the land has been released to the community by one administration or the other has become very worrisome for the authorities of the Corporation. Most of such claims which are not verifiable or gazetted is used to deceive people who themselves are looking for cheap plots for development of residential homes and businesses.

To avoid economic losses of money invested in acquiring such properties, the public are enjoined to be discreet and careful when buying landed properties on any Corporation estate in the State because the Corporation will not hesitate to use maximum force which includes demolition to reclaim its land.

This became imperative because most of such plots that were sold illegally were already allocated to some clients of the Corporation who approached the Corporation for land allocation only for them to get to their plots and find a building on it; in such instance the Corporation will have no choice than to demolish the illegal structure to reclaim the plot for the original allottee.

The Corporation warns that it will neither do ratification nor compensate anyone for losses incurred in any illegal transaction involving Corporation land because it is one of the ploys used by the unauthorized sellers to assure the illegal buys that the government will do ratification for them.

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