Housing is accorded a high priority in people’s scale of preference because in a social sense, it stands between man and the society and in a physical sense it stands between man and nature. The Ogun State Government acknowledges shelter as one of the most basic human needs which has profound impact on people’s welfare, social growth and development.

The Ogun State Housing Corporation has recognized over the years the strong backward linkages of Housing to construction activities and building materials supplies on one hand and its forward linkages to other sectors of the economy on the other hand. The present administration of Senator Ibikunle Amosun is driven with a Mandate for a total overhaul of the State’s infrastructural basis and Housing ranks tops on this MISSION TO REBUILD. The current wave in the State has been extended by the Government’s kind gesture in the realm of social responsibility, employment generation and massive provision of housing opportunities for all income groups.

In the face of current realities, the Ogun State Housing Corporation allocates land with title documents on her various Estates in the State for residential, commercial and industrial purposes to interested individuals and corporate bodies.

The Corporation offers Consultancy and Professional Services to people in the State. The Estate are secure and residents enjoy other social amenities like schools, police posts, places of Worship etc.

In view of the productive and consumptive characteristics of Housing and it’s positive effects on employment, the Corporation is poised to contribute her quota to housing delivery in the State in the following areas:

  • Security of Land Tenure for residential, commercial and industrial Purposes.
  • Utilization of Local Building materials (Backward Integration) to conserve Foreign Exchange.
  • Cost Effective use of conventional building materials.
  • Consultancy/Professional Services from project planning to turnkey completion.
  • Mortgage Facilitation.
  • Provision of basic infrastructure in all the Estates.
  • Employment and Income generation.
  • Promotion of a culture of transparency in housing delivery in the State.