Housing Products

Housing Products

Shell Stage Bungalows

The shell stage detached bungalows are built with the purpose of affording the buyer the opportunity of choosing what material he uses to finish the building to his/her taste, it is design to allow buyers contribute to the finishing of the building, the bungalows are designed in 2, 3 &4 bedrooms and are built on a standard plot with enough room for expansion and parking. The houses were built at our Idiroko Road Estate, Ota, Ikangba estate ,Ijebu Ode and Ajebo Road Estate, Abeokuta.

The ones in our Ota and Ijebu Ode Estates are fully sold while we are currently building additional 13 units of 4 bedroom shell stage bungalows at our Ajebo Road estate to meet demand in Abeokuta.

Brick Bungalows

This project started during the tenure of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as president of the country, the project is a federal government initiative to provide mass housing for Nigerians by building with materials that could be sourced locally so as to make housing affordable. The houses were built with interlocking bricks without the use of cement in joining the bricks together. The houses are designed to be fully detached and are in 2&3bedrooms; the project is located within Kemta Extension housing Estate, Olokuta, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta with all the units built over subscribed.

Semidetached Shell Bungalows

The Corporation has 1bedroom semidetached bungalows in her Ayetoro and Ago-Iwoye Estates, the project is currently been put up for sales at shell stage level to any willing individual particularly indigenes of the communities the project is located.

Completed Block Bungalows

At the Corporations Idiroko Estate, Ikolaje , Idiroko, the corporation has completed 14 units of 2 bedroom detached bungalows for sales to members of the public, the project is situated in a conducive environment and with good space for future expansion. The houses were completed with necessary fittings for immediate access by anyone buying the house.

The Corporation as well has completed 2&3 bedroom detached bungalows at her Ifo estate built under a terminated partnership with a developer, the houses are ready and available for sales to members of the public will to own a property around Ifo area.